prone-to-destroy.jpgProne To Destroy 

The 2011 Release from Crowned By Fire

 Crowned By Fire's "Prone to Destroy" is an album that makes connections with all the touchstones of basic, straight up heavy metal. No flowery dalliances, no tangential expositions, no long, emotive complexities.

The entire band is on fire and i don't know how much this band rehearses but it sounds like they have worked hard to perfect their sound. This is tight, precise and extremely well executed metal that even the masses might pick up on. -- DoomMantia


1. I Spit On Your Curse
2. Sex With A Ghost
3. Witch In The Window
4. Get Under The Dirt
5. Black Moon Shine
6. Shake The Bag
7. I Am The Crime
8. Tombs Ov Oblivion
9. As Above So Below
10. Vulture With A Rifle
11. Prone To Destroy


Design Of The Album:

Full Album Art Work Was Designed By Mister-Sam 


Sam Shearon or ‘Mister-Sam’ has created Dark-Artwork for a variety of clients in both the rock and metal music scene and the world of the comic book and graphic novel.

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